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For user support please contact the PPL Help Desk on
+ 44(0) 20 7264 0880 or via email at PPLSupport@ebix.com
Dear User,

We are now offering webex training sessions for Brokers and Underwriters.

To book a webex session go to https://placingplatformlimited.com/training-events

Current users can also use the PPL online training tool (LMS), to brush up on their PPL skills at their convenience.

If you are unable to find a webex slot, or you wish to be set up with access to the PPL training tool please contact pplenquiries@placingplatformlimited.com

Ebix Helpdesk is open 8am - 8pm Monday to Friday to answer all your queries - 0207 264 0880 or PPLsupport@Ebix.com

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