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For user support please contact the PPL Help Desk on
+ 44(0) 20 7264 0880 or via email at PPLSupport@ebix.com
Dear Users

In order to increase security on the platform, on Monday 22nd November 2021 a 6-digit passcode will be introduced as a mandatory additional login for all users.

This means that all users will need to enter their normal password and will be required upon first login to set up a 6 digit passcode of their choosing.

Any firms that have already been set up with a memorable word as their secondary login, will remain unchanged.

If you require more information as to how this will work, please login into the PPL website, where screenprints and instructions will be available.

If you experience any issues, please contact the helpdesk on PPLsupport@ebix.com


We are now offering webex training sessions for Brokers and Underwriters.

To book a webex session go to https://placingplatformlimited.com/training-events

Current users can also use the PPL online training tool (LMS), to brush up on their PPL skills at their convenience.

If you are unable to find a webex slot, or you wish to be set up with access to the PPL training tool please contact pplenquiries@placingplatformlimited.com

Ebix Helpdesk is open 8am - 8pm Monday to Friday to answer all your queries - 0207 264 0880 or PPLsupport@Ebix.com

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